The luggage industry is quietly undergoing great changes

Since 2011, the development of leather industry has been bumpy. Until today, the leather industry has not really come out of the development dilemma. At the beginning of the year, local tanning enterprises were disturbed by the “labor shortage”. In March, the employment problems of enterprises have been solved one after another, but there has been a “big rise” in workers’ wages. I thought that the end of the “anti tax” could stimulate the development of the shoe industry and improve the industrial export volume. However, due to the suffering of “anti tax” before, the enterprise chose to wait and see at this time. The subsequent “power shortage” led to the crazy doubling of the price of fur materials. These sudden pressures have squeezed the leather industry, which is preparing to take off in the new era, on the edge of survival.

The luggage industry is quietly undergoing great changes (1)

Just when the whole leather industry was in deep confusion, the luggage industry quietly performed an innovation. According to customs statistics, the total import and export value of China’s luggage in February this year was 1.267 billion US dollars, an increase of 6.9% compared with the same period last year. Guangdong Province, an important city in the luggage industry, finally stopped falling and rebounded after eight consecutive months of export decline. In February, the total export volume was $350million, a sharp increase of 50%, and the year-on-year growth rate of exports was the highest monthly since last year.

In fact, just when the leather industry is experiencing difficulties, the luggage industry is quietly undergoing great changes. The leather industry is at the bottom of the leather industry, and the manufacturing industry is not yet mature, so it has always been at the end of the world in terms of development form and trading volume.

Luggage broke out in silence

The luggage industry is quietly undergoing great changes (2)

Recently, CCPIT and the World Luxury Goods Association jointly announced the formal establishment of the luxury goods trade committee. At the same time, the world luxury goods association also released a relatively new report in 2011, saying that the total consumption of luxury goods market in the mainland last year has reached US $10.7 billion, accounting for 1/4 of the global share. In the ranking of luxury goods consumption in the mainland, the jewelry industry with a cumulative amount of 2.76 billion ranked first, while the luggage industry with a cumulative amount of 2.51 billion ranked second.

In the statistics of the share ranking of luxury goods in the mainland, the product types are less than the shoes and clothes that used to dominate in the past, and the names of bags and suitcases are added. This result is eye-catching.

Commodity bags begin to lead the trend

Jeremyhackett, the founder of men’s clothing company Hackett, said, “I’m still using the old globe Trotter box I bought 15 years ago. It’s light weight, and the suit and jacket inside are not easy to deform. Nylon trolley cases have no style. Once the box arrives at the luggage desk, it looks like a pile of black garbage bags.”.

In the world of mature men, goods can move the heart more than trends. Wallets, briefcases and suitcases have become necessities of exquisite life. Maybe they advocate comfort and practicality in clothes, but they can’t be careless in the choice of luggage. After all, this is not only a striking fashion project all over the body, but also an important form to test the vision and taste of smart choice.

Kimjones, creative director of dunhill, a luxury goods group, said that using old-fashioned suitcases has one advantage: “ancient style suitcases allow you to show your style in the airport, and also identify your luggage.” In 2010, after studying the historical archives of 100 years ago, Jones re launched the Dunhill aluminum box of the 1940s (from 695 pounds). Jones said, “the 1940s was the golden age of travel, and this Dunhill box is a tribute to that age.” From the perspective of historical experience, such a tribute is a package wise choice with value preservation space.

Luggage and leather goods industry is a downstream industry of leather industry. With more than 20 years of development, the leather industry has developed from a small cottage industry at the beginning to one of the important export foreign exchange earning industries with more than 26000 enterprises, more than 2 million industrial employees, an annual total output value of more than 60 billion yuan and an annual growth rate of nearly 6%

Post time: Jul-21-2022