The new industry of bags makes the relocated people live and work in peace and contentment

It is sunny in March. The sewing and packaging production in the community factory of Jinhua Feima bag Co., Ltd. is in order, and the sound of the machine is continuous. The workers are busy producing and catching up with orders. Batches of high-quality and beautifully made bags are “ready to go” and will be transported to the European and American markets.

The new industry of bags makes the relocated people live and work in peace and contentment (1)

Help immigrants to relocate and get employment

As a Bag company with a large export scale in the city, and also the first foreign trade standardized community factory in Jinhua, Jinhua Feima bag community project was led by the municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau in 2019 and finally settled in Wucheng District. The construction started in November 2019 and was officially put into operation in March 2020, which has driven the employment of more than 300 people, setting a benchmark for the construction and development of Wucheng community factories.

The new industry of bags makes the relocated people live and work in peace and contentment (2)

Chenlimei, general manager of Jinhua Feima bag Co., Ltd., has worked hard in the Bag industry for more than 30 years. She said, “with the help of Jinhua human resources and Social Security Bureau, the Bag factory is located next to qiubin community, which is the largest relocation community in Wucheng District. The factory employees are community residents here. With the logistics subsidies provided by the listed human resources and Social Security Bureau, rent, water and electricity, property and other relief subsidies, the labor cost of enterprises has been greatly reduced, and the relocated households have also achieved local employment and a better life.”

“The bags we make are mainly supplied to global importers, promotional gift companies, supermarkets and so on. Therefore, the requirements for both bag quality and production efficiency are relatively high. After the early work instead of training, employees can practice on the job to improve their skill level, and also get an income. With the improvement of business skills, we adopt incentive mechanisms such as basic salary, piece work settlement and bonus to stimulate employees’ I want to live well The internal driving force of ‘Day’.

“The factory currently employs more than 170 people in the community. Last year, the average monthly salary was more than 3000 yuan, up to 5800 yuan. Here, employees can not only take good care of their children, but also subsidize their families. The work is very fulfilling.” Luoqingyun, the production director of Jinhua Feima bag Co., Ltd., said.

The new industry of bags makes the relocated people live and work in peace and contentment (3)

Cultivate new opportunities in the crisis and open a new situation in the changing situation

Since 2020, foreign trade processing enterprises have faced complex and volatile external environment and the dual pressure of coping with the epidemic. Crises and difficulties are intertwined, opportunities and challenges coexist, and changes and hopes are superimposed. Production problems such as rising logistics costs and poor supply of raw materials once made Luo Qingyun very “headache”, but he always believed that with the strong support of the government and good policies, there was an opportunity to carry on, endure, survive and survive, and the hope was to persist.

“The machine keeps running, the personnel work overtime to catch up with the progress, ensure the output, strictly control each process, strictly control the quality, and improve the rate of high-quality products.” Jinhua Feima bag Co., Ltd. overcame the difficulties of production, processing, transportation and so on during the epidemic period, did a good job in resuming production and work in an orderly manner, and won the initiative of development in the transformation of “danger and machine” with practical actions.

In December, 2021, the company was recognized as a community factory enterprise in the list of Enterprises above the designated size in Jinhua City and an excellent community factory in 2021. Luo Qingyun said, “the phase II Bag factory has been built and is ready for production. It plans to build a comprehensive production project integrating finished product processing, packaging and export, which will drive the employment of surrounding residents.”

Plant Wutong trees and attract the Phoenix. In recent years, Jinhua human resources and social security department has continuously increased the investment attraction and cultivation of community factories, and made every effort to provide service guarantee for community factories, so that community factory investment enterprises can “attract, retain and develop well”. At present, community factories are blooming everywhere in Wucheng District, development zone, Yiwu district and Jinyi New District, providing a broad channel for people to get full employment nearby.

Post time: Jul-21-2022