What types of cosmetic bags are there

Makeup bagare bags used for all kinds of makeup, such as eye black, lip gloss, powder, eyebrow pencil, sunscreen, oil absorbent paper and other makeup tools. It can be divided into multiple functions by function

What types of cosmetic bags are there (1)

Professional cosmetic bag, simple cosmetic bag for tourism and small cosmetic bag for household use. Cosmetic bags can be divided into nylon cosmetic bags, cotton cosmetic bags, PVC cosmetic bags and Pu cosmetic bags according to their materials


1. Professional cosmetic cannons

Multiple functions, multiple compartments and storage bags. It is mainly used by professional makeup artists.

2. Tourist cosmetic abalone

Usually convenient to carry. There are few divisions, but the functions are complete. Common cosmetics and toiletries can be placed.

3. Household small cosmetic abalone

Styles and varieties are ever-changing. The design, color and quality are also uneven, and more small cosmetic bags are promotional products of cosmetic companies. Gifts when buying cosmetics.

What do you usually have in your makeup bag

1. Skin care products

Generally, you can choose a small tourist makeup bag for travel, whether it is long-term or short-term. It is very convenient to hold, and at the same time, it can avoid leaking in the bag,

And it is convenient to put them neatly. If you usually buy free samples at the counter, you can save them so that they can be used when traveling

It’s more convenient.

Generally, the skin care products carried in the makeup bag include moisturizing water, makeup water, lotion and some essence. Eye cream is very important, and eye care cannot be carried out even during the journey

Stop. If you have some special needs, such as freckle face cream and some beauty instruments, such as lifting and anti wrinkle beauty instruments, you can also carry them in your cosmetic bag

Inside, it is good for skin maintenance when you are traveling and tired.

2. Cosmetics

The most important thing in makeup is eyebrows and lipstick, so you must bring an eyebrow pencil you often use, and then bring lipstick of twoorthree different colors. except

In addition to eyebrow pencil and lipstick, you should also bring some liquid foundation. In this case, it is convenient to replenish makeup at any time. If you have fixed makeup, you can bring an air cushion. In this case, replenish makeup

Makeup is very convenient. Of course, if there are some special requirements for makeup, then bring a eye black and prepare some eye shadow to cope with daily makeup

Enough. Cosmetics are generally small in size. The most important thing to put in the cosmetic bag is to put them neatly, avoid sprinkling them in the cosmetic bag, and it is also convenient to take them.

How to choose makeup bag

1. Exquisite and compact appearance

Since it is a carry on bag, the size should be appropriate. – generally, it is recommended that the size within 18cm x 18cm is the most appropriate, and the side should be some width before it can be put into all

The articles can be put into the big bag without being bulky.

2. Lightweight material

The weight of material is also a factor that must be considered. The lighter the material, the less burden it will bring. Makeup bags made of cloth and plastic cloth are the most lightweight and convenient.

In addition, it is best to choose wear-resistant and exercise-resistant materials for the skin, and do not have too many decorations, so that it can be used for a long time.

3. Multilayer design

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Because the items placed in the cosmetic bag are very delicate, there are many small things to put, so the layered design style will make it easier to put things in different categories. at present

The more intimate makeup bag design, and even separated the lipstick, powder puff, pen tools and other special areas, so many separate storage, not only can be clear at a glance

The West position can also protect them from being injured by collision with each other.

4. Choose a style that suits you

At this time, you should first check the types of things you are used to carrying. If the items are mostly pen shaped items and flat makeup plates, then the wide, flat and multi-layered style

It is quite suitable; If it is mainly sub packed bottles, bottles, cans and cans, the shape should choose a cosmetic bag that looks wide on the side, so that the bottles and cans can stand at attention, and the liquid inside

The body is not easy to leak out.

What types of cosmetic bags are there (2)

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