Statistics of Bag sales in 2021

In 2021, through the efforts of all employees of Jinhua Feima bag Co., Ltd., the sales performance has achieved very good results. First, make the following statistics

In terms of sales market, through increasing advertising efforts, we have continued to expand the European and Middle East markets, accounting for more than 60%, and there is a trend to continue to expand. Especially in the European market, our products have been widely praised, and the return rate is very high, as shown in the figure:

Statistics of Bag sales in 2021 (2)

In terms of product sales, backpacks, as before, continue to be far ahead, because the epidemic tends to stabilize, the sales of tourist bags also begin to grow, the sales of other bags are stable, with a small decline, and the overall sales trend is good. With the gradual end of the epidemic, the markets of various countries recover, and it is believed that the sales volume will maintain a high growth in the future. Folding bags and lunch bags will also be more popular in the gift bag market, as shown in the figure below:

Statistics of Bag sales in 2021 (1)

Post time: Jul-21-2022