Shein, a fast fashion e-commerce brand platform, has entered Baigou luggage, and the platformization of the whole category is further advanced!

Not only is it an independent station selling clothes, the platform of fast fashion e-commerce brand sheen is becoming faster and faster, which is reflected in “more and more complete categories and more diversified sellers”.

Boss direct employment information shows that sheen is setting up an investment promotion team in Baigou, Baoding, including investment promotion, procurement, local promotion, operation and other positions, which is mainly responsible for the development and service of local and surrounding supply chain cooperative customers in Baigou.

The mode of cooperation between sheen and Baigou luggage factory is VMI mode, that is, procurement and supply management mode. Generally, suppliers provide goods and cooperate in the way of sales and settlement. It is common in the cooperation between sheen and factories, traders, industry and trade integration, e-commerce, stalls and other roles.

Shein, a fast fashion e-commerce

It is understood that Baigou town has gathered about 4000 production enterprises and 4000 online suppliers, and has formed a mature industrial chain integrating raw and auxiliary material production, luggage design, processing, production and sales. Its products are mainly women’s bags and backpacks. It is said in the industry that for every 10 bags sold on the market, 4 of them come from Baigou.

In addition to Baigou luggage, sheen also organized an official business invitation meeting for home textile products in Nantong last November.

Footwear luggage, jewelry accessories, home department stores, beauty personal care, electronic products, car decoration, outdoor sports, mother and baby supplies, bedding, pet supplies, office stationery These non clothing categories are being incorporated into the territory by sheen.

In addition to VMI mode, sheen currently has three cooperation modes with suppliers – ODM mode (for suppliers with strong design ability to develop), OEM mode (for suppliers with strong ability to read pictures and print editions), OBM mode (for suppliers with distinctive brand tone, mainly third-party brand merchants).

Since March this year, third-party sellers such as overseas bikini brand joyfunear, women’s clothing brands honeyspot and simpleretro have successfully entered the official website of sheen through OBM mode.

Post time: Jul-21-2022