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Backpack is a bag style that is often carried in daily life. It is popular because it is easy to carry, hands free, light weight-bearing and good wear resistance. Backpacks provide convenience for going out. A good bag has a long service life and a good feeling of carrying. So, what kind of backpack is good, and what is the appropriate size of the backpack? In order to solve your doubts, the special editor of custombagbags.com has brought you a backpack knowledge encyclopedia.

I, Material of backpack

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Leather is made by physical and chemical processing such as depilation and tanning. It has the function of resisting corruption and is relatively soft and supple in dry weather. The shoulder bag made of leather is The shape is more elegant, the style is more concise, and the color is mainly stable dark color. It can be used with formal clothes such as suits, which not only retains the stable temperament but also adds a sense of fashion. Mature men Scholars deserve to start.


Canvas is a kind of thick cotton fabric, named after the Vikings in northern Europe first used it for sails in the 8th century. The canvas is firm, wear-resistant, tight and thick, and It has certain waterproof property. The backpack made of canvas fabric is rarely limited in style, printing and color, so the style of Canvas Backpack is fashionable and energetic, gently Loose collocation shows the most popular trendy style on the street nowadays.

Nylon nylon

Nylon is the first synthetic fiber in the world. It has good wear resistance and dust resistance. During World War II, it was widely used in silk stockings, clothes, carpets, ropes

Fishing nets and other fields. Nylon fabric is often used to make backpacks for outdoor sports because of its durability and easy care. It is one of the indispensable equipment for outdoor enthusiasts. Now, Ni

The shape of dragon backpack is also becoming fashionable.

2. Types and uses of backpacks

Computer Backpack

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HTTP, the global computer bag giant, launched the world’s first backpack in the 1980s. Due to the use of shockproof protective materials and special ergonomics.

Engineering design and unique reinforcement manufacturing technology are extremely solid and durable, and are very popular. In addition to the shockproof protective isolation layer specially used for installing computers, the computer backpack also has considerable space to.

It is used for loading small items such as luggage. Many high-quality computer backpacks are also widely used as sports travel bags.

Sports Backpack

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The sports backpack is very jumping in design and bright in color. Sports backpacks differ in quality due to different functions in material and workmanship. For example, some big brands

The backpack has also been expanded in terms of fabric and style innovation, and the backpack for outdoor use has waterproof function.

Fashionable Backpack

Fashionable backpacks are mostly used by women, mostly made of PU materials, but also made of canvas fabrics. They are large and small in size. Pu bags are usually used to replace women to go out

The handbag with canvas fabric and the backpack with canvas fabric are also loved by primary and secondary school students and are used as school bags. The fashionable backpack is suitable for women who wear casual clothes when they go out.

3. Matching skills of backpacks

Casual style collocation

Most leisure backpacks are fashionable, energetic and refreshing. A backpack that can highlight playfulness, loveliness, youth and vitality. This kind of backpack is not only fashionable,

And it’s easy to wear clothes, which is almost a versatile style for all informal occasions. [women's casual backpack]

Student style matching

In recent years, students’ requirements for bags not only pursue function, but also pay more attention to fashion and trend. Students’ backpacks roughly overlap with leisure ones. Because of the retro style again.

The rise of backpacks, once basic models, has returned to people’s vision. Most of these models are mainly multi-color, and candy color, fluorescent color, printing, etc. are combined with college and time.

The distinctive backpack has been highly praised by students. These backpacks not only reveal the freshness of College style, but also are full of vitality and inflexible. Due to its regular shape and colorful colors, it is very suitable for students on weekdays.

Monotonous school uniforms and ordinary casual travel clothes.

Travel style matching

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Most travel backpacks pay attention to the comfort of shoulder straps, the breathability of the back, and large capacity. Therefore, the general travel style is very large, but there are also some times

There are also large capacity models. For example, the barrel shaped design is more colorful and stylish than the ordinary bag type. Bright colors can also add good mood to the journey. Very suitable for platform and solid color leisure style

Or sports style clothes.

Business style matching

Nowadays, the demand for computers is becoming more and more common. Office workers have to need a backpack that can hold all kinds of documents and computers. Exquisite shirts and trousers are common among many office workers

Plain clothes, ordinary backpacks are not enough to highlight the business atmosphere. General business models are strong and three-dimensional, with appropriate shirts, which can well set off the support of business people

A gas field. [matching skills of business package]

4. Knapsack selection skills

Workmanship: every corner and crimping are neat, without disconnection and jumper. Every stitch is exquisite, which is a sign of high workmanship.

Material: the materials of backpacks popular in the market are limited, such as nylon, Oxford, canvas, and even cowhide crocodile skin, which can be attributed to luxury goods- Generally, 1680D double ply fabric is used for computer backpacks, which is relatively medium to upper, while 600D Oxford cloth is a commonly used material. In addition, materials such as canvas, 190T and 210 are usually used for backpacks of relatively simple bundle pocket type.

Brand: it depends on whose brand is louder, that is, it is more popular. There are many brands, not all of which are suitable for you.

Structure: the back structure of the backpack directly determines the purpose and grade of the backpack. The structure of the back of the famous brand computer backpack is relatively complex, with at least six pieces of pearl cotton or EVA is used as a breathable pad, and there is even an aluminum frame. The back of a general backpack is a piece of 3mm pearl cotton as a breathable board. The simplest type of backpack except backpack

There is no cushion material other than its own material.

5. Tips for using backpacks

1. When packing luggage, if there are many or all heavy objects, they can be placed evenly. Buckle and tighten the chest strap after carrying the shoulder, so that the backpacker has no feeling of falling back, and when moving, double

Pull the adjusting belt between the shoulder belt and the backpack with your hand.

2. when passing through dangerous places, you should loosen the shoulder belt of your backpack and open the belt and chest strap, so that in case of danger, you can separate people and bags as quickly as possible to ensure that you can

Escape with light packing.

3. Don’t beat the backpack, especially the one with solid packing. After the backpack is full, the tension of the suture is quite tight. If you remove the backpack rudely at this time, or Accidental fall can easily break the suture or damage the fastener. Do not cling to the knapsack cloth with hard iron equipment.

4. When getting on the bus, there will be some pulling of the backpack, so pay attention to whether the waist buckle is buckled when getting on the bus. Some backpacks have soft waist buttons, which can be buckled reversely.

In the lower part, the waistband of some backpacks is supported by hard plastic plywood, which cannot be folded back and buckled, and it is easy to crack. It’s best to have a backpack cover to cover the backpack, so as to avoid the webbing from correcting with other backpacks.

Entangle, damage the backpack during the pulling process.

5. When going out, you can take a thin piece of plastic paper. When hiking or climbing, you often rest. If you rest outdoors, it is easy to put your backpack on the ground or grass

It is difficult to clean the backpack when some things get dirty. Plastic paper can prevent the backpack from sticking dirty things

6. Cleaning method of backpack

If it is too dirty, you can use neutral detergent to clean the backpack, and then put it in a cool place to dry, but avoid exposure for too long, because ultraviolet rays will damage the nylon cloth. The specific methods are as follows:

1. Brush the floating soil with a small brush, which is suitable for backpacks with only floating ash.

2. Wipe it with a soft towel and then dry it. It is suitable for backpacks with ordinary stains.

3. Soak in a large basin for a few days, and then rinse repeatedly. It is suitable for a dirtier backpack.

4. Remove the backpack system and wash it with a washing machine. It is suitable for lazy people who are addicted to cleanliness.

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